Monday, 17 February 2014

Holiday weekends

Thursday was a busy day last week, and Friday I came home determined to spend some serious time knitting.  

And I did.

One pair of completed Monster Socks.  I really really enjoyed this pair.  I just couldn't put them down.  There is something about the strong contrasts with the base of dark grays.  

As I was working on them at knitting group the other day, I idly wondered why I am enjoying this process so much.  One of the much smarter knitter's there, said it is where I am and what I am doing that probably is driving it.  I suppose it is.  

I pack a little every day, or at least I think about packing.  I spend a lot of time trying to clear up so I can move forward and I am trying to take the bits and pieces and put them together to make a new whole. I hope the new that gets built is a nice as these socks are.  I guess that clearing up the old isn't a bad thing.

But there were charming new things being knit too.  One of my sons friends had a little baby girl a while ago and the shower for the new family was this weekend.  It gave me the chance to knit a little something sweet for them.

 Aviatrix by Justine Turner made in my single ball of Lang Merino Seta in the softest sweetest baby pink.  Bonus points for there being just enough yarn left to make a second hat.  The remainder of this yarn will go back into the precious things spot and will be used down the road.  

There is another sock started this morning and I am going to go watch a little tv and knit and sip my coffee.  I have nowhere to be today and nothing much to do so I will take what I hope will be my last mostly unemployed days and relax and enjoy them.

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