Monday, 20 January 2014


I knit a lot this weekend.  And have absolutely nothing to show for it.  Sort of.

Friday morning I did this:
I feel like sweater knitting so I swatched this yarn, Alpine from Naturally out of New Zealand.  It feels a lot like Cascade Eco, though I think it is spun more firmly and will wear a bit better.  It has fantastic yarndage and I have about 2500 metres.  Why I have 2500 metres, I do not understand, but well, there are a lot of things about the stash that I don't really understand.

I want a nice heavy between seasons sweater, and I am sure I have the yardage I would need to double strand it.  13 stitches on 5 mm needles.  But I don't know what to knit with it.

There was another yarn in the same box that just will not leave my mind, a marvelous black based taupe in Donna from Sheepjes.  I swatched that too.

I am thinking of knitting Coraline out of this yarn.  I have had the pattern for ages and Donna would be a great yarn for it.  It has lovely drape and the top patterning would look wonderful with the very round well defined character of this yarn.

I have always felt that this sweater ought to have an i-cord cast on. All the other edges use i-cord for finishing and it just seems right.  It may want to roll and if that happens, I will add a second row of i-cord to give the hem the weight it needs.  The sweater is knit from the bottom up and with no seaming, so that first cast on row, mostly i-cord, is a killer.  I have devoted a couple episodes of Netflix to it and am only halfway through it.  

In between times, I also did this:
This is a sample sock from the tutorial video by Interweave and Anna Zilborg, Knit Free Sole Socks .  I bought this to see if I would like the technique to knit more easily replaceable heels.  And now that I have gone through most of the video, while knitting I can safely say, Maybe.

It is a very fussy beginning, and there are many more ends that a normal sock if you start from the toe, but I really won't know till I use the heel part only on an actual pair of socks.  Just a quick word to say that there are so many errors in that sample sockie as to make me nuts, and I will be working another following the bonus pdf instructions before I give the method a pass or fail. 

I couldn't seem to sit still.  Or sit.  Or anything for long this weekend.  I should have been working on these,

and as you can see, I did but this is still sock one and I really ought to be on sock two by now, if I plan to get them to Son3's house this week.  Sigh

I guess I am running from the must do to the maybe wants.  Not even running to anything, just running from.  That happens sometimes in knitting.  It is why I have such a large WIP pile and why it takes so long the last while to get anything done.

I am antsy and I do not like it.  I hope I settle down soon. 
As nice as the pile looks, I would love to have something more than 'tids and bits' (from The Other Sister).


Sandra said...

I'm the same. I'm so close to the end of my Aranami shawl, yet I started 3 new projects this weekend...

Christine said...

There's something about a little red sock that is completely endearing. I hope you have a great day.

Brendaknits said...

Me too- I knit alot this weekend and have nothing to show for it.But for different reasons. I ripped a lot.