Thursday, 30 January 2014

Treat for the day.

The only really significant knitting thing is that today, I will be on the west side of the city and will have time to stop in and visit at my  west side LYS.  

It is a while since I have been there and though I have been at their south side store lately, seeing everything in a different space makes everything look different.  sometimes you find yarns that did not catch your attention before, standing front and center, looking just smashing!

I have a limited budget though, so I have to be very careful.  Still it will be nice to see and touch a bunch of different yarn and to sit and knit for a bit in that lovely atmosphere.

I have finished the knitting of the Spiderman socks and have only the duplicate stitch to do.  it commences tonight, and almost all of the cuffs of the first of my pretty mixed striped socks is almost done.  Sock two will then commence.  

This black addition to a really nice yarn, makes me want to knit Monstersocks, or at the very least play among those who take sock yarn mangling to new heights.  Go through the projects and you will see some masterful funky wild things and some, like my socks that are just meant to be.

We shall see if the day brings good things (within the budget).  If the world goes even close to my way, the answer to will it, is going to be yes.  May the sock knitting commence and may all the decisions of the day go my way.

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