Tuesday, 14 January 2014

If all my knitting turned out like this...

I wouldn't have any hair left.

I tried to knit a hot water bottle cover yesterday.  It was going pretty well, but I wasn't going to have enough yarn for it.  I ripped back

I dug into the box with all the middling amounts, the yarns for scarves, for small shawls, for mittens, and found two more balls in different colours that would fit well with my original.  Or so I thought.

The original colours were the green and the multi.  I knew the red ought to work wonderfully, but that still wouldn't be enough.  The brown looks like it should work with the multi and it definetly works with the red.  

All together, 

it looked awful.  It did not matter what I did.   I tried 4 different ways of putting the colours together as stripes and none of them worked.  So, back to the drawing board.  I will start the project with new yarn.  And probably a new pattern.  It can't all go right and I had my 'right' earlier in the day. 

Right was a doggie coat for wee Toby, my sons tiny Yorkie mix.  
This one worked beautifully. Fun to knit too.  No pattern, just a little playing around.

Today looks like errand day but errand day light.  I do hope to join the ladies knitting this afternoon. Looking forward to it.

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Sandra said...

we all have those "no matter what I do, it doesn't work" projects. I've had many!
And the dog coat is adorable - love to see a modeled picture,