Thursday, 2 January 2014


Today I will be rejoining the working world.  On a temporary basis until something pops up that works that is more permanent.  It is a start.

I am looking forward to it.  I miss having that structure in my days.  Work provides that framework that actually made for more effective knitting.  Quick hours of knitting in the morning, lunch hour, then the comfort of knitting all evening.  I don't have to feel rushed, if I chose not to.  

I knit on the first of the year shawl for quite a while yesterday and it is moving along nicely.  I did have to rip back because the spine got off line and my brain was not ready to drop it to repair it.  No bother at all, just 8 or so rows.  Not enough to worry about the re=knitting.

Anyway, here is hoping the day is fun!


Brendaknits said...

Good for you. I too am more productive when there is structure in my day.

Anonymous said...

Hope your first day went well. GD