Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Not a Honey Cowl

I was working yesterday in my study and I came across some yarn.  

Funny that.  All the yarn is in my study. 

Anyway I came across some yarn and rather than working on what I had planned for the day, I had the urge to try a honey cowl again.  I tried a honey last year at this time and was not successful.  Once again, not successful.  I do OK the first couple of rounds and then my tension gets tight and the cowl looks as if it is going to strangle itself as well as the wearer.  I worked on knitting more loosely, but it was never enough.  The little collar that the yarn in front of the slipped stitch makes, strangled and choked the life out of the thing.  

I give up.  No more honeys.  What to do with this interesting but oddly little yarn?  (The yarn is Bosco, an old Ornaghi Filati yarn)

It occurred to me that I could brioche it.  I did learn the stitch on my recent trip and it should work well with the odd colour sections found here.  The foundation knit rows from the Honey Cowl could be reused and the number of stitches would work well, plus I really hated to waste a perfectly good piece of knitting that was not twisted.

Brioche is such interesting knitting.  It is incredibly rhythmic.  It seems as if it should knit slower, because in order to knit one complete round, you have to work across the row twice, but because of the tempo and flow, it doesn't feel slower.  Much like a Two Row Scarf, you never notice how long you are knitting.  You just simply cannot stop knitting it. Very compelling.

I know that I stayed up way past my bedtime knitting this and I had to have a serious talk with myself about today's adventures before I could stop. 

This morning, even though I want to, I will not touch the brioche.  I will do the tasks of the day first.  There will be time for knitting with friends this evening, and that will be soon enough for me to enter Brioches thrall.

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Sandra said...

we have a little freezing rain here this morning, so I get to knit before venturing out, letting everyone else get off the roads!