Monday, 18 November 2013

The slogging for comfort part

A friend in the comments said something about speed sweaters, but no.  This is not going to be that.  I am making progress, but it isn't going to be a fast knit.  It is 10 days now and I have at least another 2 days worth of serious work and that is without the sleeves and if I don't go to knitting group till it is done. (I never get enough knitting done at knitting! Funny that:).  

Last Friday:

And this morning:

As you can see progress, but there still is a ways to go.  These are not the pretty fun rows either.  These are the slogging hard work rows.

When I knit a sweater, I do it to fit.  By this point in any garment for me, I have long tossed the pattern aside and am knitting from lessons learned over a lifetime of fit issues and measuring and knowing where I go wider than average.  I did not understand it so well back in the days when I sewed, as I do since I began my adventures in knitting, but in the end that is neither here nor there.  

What I can say absolutely is that these rows get long.  Really long.  This is the part of my sweater knitting where it takes some gumption to get a garment that looks right.  On occasion, my gumption deserts me, and I end up with a really lovely sweater that doesn't get worn so much as it ought because it feels too short.  I have a few of these in my closet, at least one of which, I am actually going to take apart and redo (it is really nice yarn).  These short ones always seem to be the ones where the button band is knitted on after and is the more elaborate part of the thing, so that giving it a redo is never so easy as it ought to be.

I am determined that this is going to be a sweater that gets worn because it feels good, comfortable and cozy and makes me feel at home where ever I am in the world because it says to the world that this is me.  

That comfort feeling and that at home feeling takes some effort and this is it.  


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Anonymous said...

I really like the colors in the top. The grey goes nicely with them. As for the slogging, although I don't knit, I know this grey isn't as rough as black. :) Hope the sweater turns out to be as you as you want it to be. GD