Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sweet Things

Yesterday, for the first time in a very long time, I made it to a knitting afternoon.

It was lovely. So very nice o be surrounded by the cameraderie of good friends.  One of the ladies who was picking yarn for a shawl for her daughters wedding, had it finished but for blocking.  What a lovely piece in silver white beaded and beautiful.  

Some of the others were looking at a variation of a short row sock heel, called the 'Fish Lips Kiss Heel'.   It looks very interesing.  But not today.  

Today I will tell you of a memorial these crazy ladies came up with for Brian.  They purchased a light.  Huh?

The City of Edmonton has a privately funded campaign to light up the High Level Bridge    Brian will now have a light on this bridge and somewhere in the near future, the bridge people will be able to tell us just which light Brian's light is.  Isn't that cool?  And sweet.  It help a very worthwhile cause do something innovative and memorializes Brian in such an unexpected fun, and interesting way.

He would have liked that.


Sandra said...

such a wonderful tribute to Brian! So Nice to know his light will shine on, and all will be able to see it. I hope you post a picture when you know which is his.
When one of our Guild lost her Peter, we all knit a 4 inch wide strip of garter stitch, the length of each of our wingspans, using her favourite autumn colours. Then we sewed then together, matching the centres, into 3 afghans. She had blankets that symbolized our hugs around her - each hug was a different length, so she knew they were individual.

Sigrun said...

You need a "love" button on your blog. The reactions don't quite do it for me. ♥