Friday, 11 October 2013


Now that Pepita is done (but for buttons)  I am considering what to do next.  I have so many things down in the bin and some of them...

Well, it would just be nice to finish them.  I am looking at you pretty little scarf.

And other pretty scarf.

And Icarus which just needs the border lace.

Though I have to confess, I didn't use the right needle for Icarus, and really, it ought to be frogged and done over with a larger needle.  It is going to be really small the way it is.

But mostly this morning, I am working on keeping my Sweet Thing out of what she isn't supposed to be in.  She is pretty sneaky, my sweet thing.  And fast.  I will knit later.  \it is a pretty darn good trade off.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy her. :) If I get to vote on which you should work on, I pick the top photo. Happy Thanksgiving. GD