Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The amount of knitting

that this blog is completing is in the order of zip nada.  

And the amount of knitting that this blog has worked on this last few days that is photographable, is zip nada.  

It is a black sock.  Just a plain black sock.  I have been working on this pair for well over a year.  I started it somewhere about when I found out my Sweet Thing was on the way.  I always said that I would never knit another pair of black socks but it the upcoming birth of a grandaughter seemed to be right for the knitting of a second pair.  It is her daddy, after all, who wanted only black socks and whose feet are not to hot to wear socks.  I am on the second sock, about halfway done, on this black pair.

The project then morphed into socks for the whole family. I started a new pair in colours that her mommy likes as she was being born, and those socks are done right up to the ribbing and the afterthought heels.  It was a lovely fall colours skein of yarn, oranges and greens and goldens.  Pleasing with a little bit of punch.

The plan is, with the bits left over from both pairs, to knit a wee pair for my Sweet Thing.  Ideally, I will get these all complete before her first birthday.  Which is in just a few short days.  Technically and realistically, I should have enough time. It is only the 17th and her birthday is not until the first of October so it seems like there should be time to knit half a sock, some heels and a baby pair of socks.      

I just have to stick to it.  There in lies my problem.

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