Tuesday, 3 September 2013


The weekend is done, the company is gone and quiet has descended on my house.  There was only scant knitting but at least there was knitting.

All along, in my head, August 31, marked an ending.  My husbands memorial was on that day, but it marked more.  May and everything before that were ours together.  June and July were lost to illness and sorrow and August was entirely his month.  These are all memories that I will hold close and deep in my heart.

That whole long hard summer is done and it is time to find that new normal that I am sure is out there.  

So this morning, I took the garbage out and made my coffee and now I will sit down to what peace I can find.  There is a shawl knitted by a friend across my shoulders and a small kerchief from the Orient sitting by me on my desk, reminding me that there are wonderful people out there looking for me, caring for me and waiting till I am ready.

 Summer is done.  August is ended and September marks a beginning, not a beginning I wanted, but a beginning none the less.

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Brendaknits said...

Wishing you peace and an easy transition into the new normal.