Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Yes, things are going that way with my knitting.  

I spent an entire weekend knitting this little lace pattern.
Looks kind of benign.  Innocent even.  But I am here to tell you that it is not.  There have been moments where I have been convinced it is from the deepest darkest corners of hell.  

This is the fifth time I have repeated these 5 rows of lace and it should be in my head now.  It is not a hard lace.  It might be a knitting on both sides sort of lace but even then the problem is not that it is worked on both sides.  No.  The problem is if you forget one thing, you will not see it until it is far too late.  

I knit it and realised one whole side was off by one stitch.  I ripped back the whole thing and re-knit, and was off 2 stitches on about 2/3 of one side.  I ripped back and was careful.  I re-knit. I counted after every pattern repeat. I watched and took my time, savouring every little stitch, making sure it was all going right.  

It was perfect.  I was moving on back to the blessedly simple stripe section.  I was really really really looking forward to the stripe section.  I knew that heaven was in those stripes.

And then I saw that one little place where I missed a stitch.  I had dropped the under stitch of a decrease, and even though Loft is a sticky wool, it had moved down two rows by the time I found it.

It is one motif, one repeat in the row.  I ought to be able to repair it, even though it is double sided lace if I just take time and care.  It is just a few stitches, right?

First time?  Epic fail.  I missed a stitch so the whole was off.  Second time?  Off by two.

Third time.  I don't know yet.

I'm working on Daybreak.  
It should be easy, right?  Not so.

First thing I had to do was rip back 8 rows.   

I am not defeated, darn it.  I will knit.  I need to knit.

I am thinking of working on garter stitch squares.  No pattern, just squares.  Not even dishcloths.  Dishcloths are looking just a tad complicated right now.  Maybe a garter stitch scarf?  Yeah that sounds just about right.  


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Some days are like that. GD