Monday, 1 April 2013

Wishing I had good pictures

I sure wish I had good pictures to put some punch in the blog today.  But I don't.  It looks exactly the same as last time I showed you and I haven't been knitting anything else.  Just that lovely green scarf.  

Heavens to betsey, its going so slowly.

I don't know about anybody else, but spring is aptly named.  I just feel like bursting out and doing something, anything, different and clean and new.  I want flowers, I want sun, and I want fresh clean air and bird sounds, and rain.  I'm awfully tired of these dirty piles of snow.

Way back in the deep archives of yarn, I have some of this, which I pair with the brightest, hottest pink out there.  Like the pink on the very right side.  Its blinding, and stunning and I love it.

I want to knit with it, just because it is spring.  

The only way it would be more spring like is if I knit some green, brilliant bright strong clear limey green.  

Now wouldn't that just knock my Sweet Things ears off?

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Sandra said...

a-DOR-able bunny baby...