Monday, 11 March 2013

with a gnashing of teeth.

It is with a gnashing of teeth and deep sorrow that I have to tell you...well, its better to just show you.  

The pretty scarf for my friend and I had a good long chat on the weekend.  I suspected that the number of stitches I had cast on wasn't enough, and after a bit of pinning out, it agreed.  So, all the knitting I did, was pulled back.  Oh the humanity.

But only to the i-cord cast on stage.  Once there, I picked up the stitches from the bound off cord, and I cast on another hundred stitches.  Progress has been pretty good for as little knitting time as I had.  It's hard not to move forward with vigor when I am knitting lace stitches. I'm almost back to where I was when I had to pull back.  

I really love the little star stitch.  It makes such an impressive show for such a simple process.  

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Sandra said...

ouch. we've all been there, but it still hurts to see.