Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cotton Cotton who has the cotton?

Sometime last week in the time of no camera, I mentioned some placemats that I am working on, or rather a tester placemat.  I hope I like it because I have the cotton - 8 large skeins of Georga Cotton from Walmart.  There is enough here for a tablecloth if I wanted to knit one!  What was I thinking?

But I have pictures!

Sort of funky and yet they suit.  The colours don't look really show up quite the way they really are.  The are just a little brighter and more vibrant, without verging into crayon brights.  The rusty orange is a little more vibrant, the brwon spots?  Forest green.  Its really a very pretty colourway.

Andyway this tester is just to see how if I have knit it large enough. Is it wide enough? Is it high enough? How much will it shrink? Should I use a different size needles to get a more firm fabric?  More loose?  Will it look like crap after a couple of washes?  

Anyway it moves along very quickly. The linen stitch is interuppted by a band of ribbing whose only purpose is to mark of where to cut the strands. The rib stitches will be dropped and the strands cut to form some fringes on the side.

It will be interesting to see how this holds up and whether the fibre can give me the tidy casual look I want.    So far so fair and I expect to finish it this weekend.

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