Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Still working it, but planning for the next thing

This middle of things is where I start thinking of what is up next.  It keeps me moving along and keeps things fresh.  There is always a lot of time while knitting for this and I have been using it well.  

I have a lot of lovely shawls of wool, alpaca, and various other warm things.  I haven't got a lot that I can wear all through summer, though as often as not, those wool shawls are what gets me through summer without freezing.  It is Canada after all.  

But, ever since I blocked my version of the Holden shawlette

I have been pondering shawls made of things other than wool.

The Holden is made from Drops Lin, purchased from the Saskatoon gem of a shop, Prairie Lily Knitting and Needlework Shop.  Now that I have worn it a few times, and its getting that linen broken in feeling, I cannot begin to say how much I  enjoy wearing this yarn.  It just snuggles up around my neck and gives surprising warmth for a simple bast fibre.  I love that its not a wet spun linen, the slightly rustic look is very pleasing and it completely suits the patterns roots.

I sure could use more Lin in the stash...however, at this time, I am not going to.  I'm going to work with what I have.  So a quick rundown of what isn't wools,or alpaca, hmmm, let me see.  

I have a couple bags of Bamboo Fusion, a cotton, bamboo and acrylic in what it calls a worsted weight.   No way would I use 20 balls to make a top, so I could easily do a shawl out of 5 or 6 of these.  From my swatch tests a while ago, it would have fantastic drape.  

Elle True Blue with Lurex.  I've used just the tiniest bit for Sweet Things wee pants (which are now sausage tight.  Come on gramma, knit some more!)  but wouldn't pure indigo dyed cotton make the most interesting shawl?

There is that interesting Country Silk that |I picked up in Jasper last year.  

(I have heard that the shop in Jasper is up for sale, so check before you go to see if it is still around.  Neat little place if you want to live and work in Jasper)   

I have a whole range of Fleece Artist and Handmaiden.  Silk and Sea Silk abound.  Plus a really really pretty tone on tone red in SeaSilk from an dyer local to Saskatoon.  Any one of these dozens of skeins would be oh so wonderful.  So good.

I have some Lang Mikonos, a rayon and linen blend with a most interesting colour thing going on,  that has a storied history.  I bought this to go with some other linen but I don't think I want to do that top any more.  I might, but I can see so many other things in it too.  With its rayon and linen, it would drape and wear so well as a shawl.

There are a couple more colours of that absolutely inimitable yarn from Noro, Taiyo Sock.  I could do all sorts of things with that.

Then there are real linens in warm steel greys and soft greyed lavenders, and blends of navy and taupe from several companies.  And on top of these are all the wonderful cottons, the ordinary things that are too often left on the shelf when we think of shawls for summer.  Why not some gorgeous sheen filled Butterfly Super 10  ?  It would make a really great casual summer piece.  

And then, not listed by me on Ravelry, but my personal stash is deep in crochet cottons in many weights.  How about a Harebell Fichu in crochet cotton?  Stunning, I think.  White Knitting at its finest.

For me the next thing isn't going to be any of these nice to wear yummy summer things.  I just thought I would show you just a few of the good things that could be used for lovely summer shawls to get you going.  For me, it is back to the WIPs basket for something that I think about at least once a week, even if I haven't worked on it in months.  

I am half done this grand Clapotis, precisely just into the second ball.  After I finish the very pretty scarf for my friend that I am working on, I am going to finish this.  The thought of draping its graceful and long folds over my shoulders pleases me and it is time to get it done.  

I made a bit of a pledge that if local to me knitters see me working on anything other than socks or Paulette's shawl (or puppets for my nephews kids) , they were to chastise me.  

I know.  The state of the WIP basket doesn't bug me and yet with a pretty regular 15 ongoing things, its a little crazy.  I think I need a little public chastising to get me moving along. 

If I don't, how will I ever have room to start anything new like a Sea Wool shawl, or a...

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Brendaknits said...

Hmmm. Jasper - wonder if I could convince Fred to take a side trip from Van Island to Jasper. Afterall a yarn sale is important stuff.Caught the corner of the book shout out. Thanks. I think your knitting friends will let you knit whatever you want. Bet you don't get too mmany chatises.