Wednesday, 13 March 2013

So excited!

My household has a new member.  

No it isn't anything cute like this, 

 though Sweet Thing is pretty darn cute,  or even like this,

(Toby isn't too shabby either)  and it certainly isn't anything goofy like this, 

No, not at all like that!  (Mr Needles on his birthday.  His office mates gave him the glasses.)

 No the new thing at my house is quite different.  

The new thing at my house is 

a new spinning wheel.  It is a Victoria wheel, from Louet, what I think is the ultimate in travel wheels.  They are almost impossible to score on the used market.  I have watched and waited and been ever so close, but if one shows up, it is immediately snapped up. They are just that good. Its packs neatly into its case, and is incredibly light to carry.  The case isn't up to the quality of the cases sold with the previous versions, but has the benefit of having a very expandable pocket on the front and lots of nooks and crannies for fibre and as much knitting as your heart might desire, all in one nice carry on suitcase sized bag.

Why another Louet?  Its really quite simple.  Bobbins and parts.  The bobbins from Julia and the Victoria's bobbins are the same.  They use the same high speed flyer.  The brake assembly is the same.  Footman connector?  Same.  They each have their own qualities but I really just love the additional versatility I get in having something so compatible. 

I didn't like what moving my Julia around did to its balance.  Even though we have restored it to perfection, the idea of moving it around a lot, means that would be a constant problem.  Julia is a big wheel, and though I could have moneyed it up with wheels and straps, I love her as she is and chose to go forward and get the Victoria too.

The other things is, I seem to have acquired an absolutely huge spinning stash.  It was a nice stash when I had just a spindle.  It got much larger with a $200 dollar credit for fibre when I bought the Julia.  It got way worse when I met a man at the library and I bought a bunch of unneeded wool batts from his wife.  And then I bought 2 and a half washed fleeces to prep on my own. I've shown my yarn stash, but I have never ever shown anybody the size of my fibre stash.  I need to spin every spare moment just to get the thing down to human levels.  

I have had her 2 days now and haven't had a chance to work on her at all.  I am going to see if I can't scope some time over the next few days.  Mr. Needles is taking his 90 year old dad ice fishing this weekend, and leaves tomorrow, and I am going to see if I can take a few vacation days off to resolve this deep injustice.  

And to knit a whole bunch more on Paulette's lovely scarf.  It is the music in my days and this pretty new wheel is like a sudden upswing of orchestration behind me.   

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