Thursday, 28 March 2013

And well you should be

My sister posted in the comments on yesterday's silliness,

"Yes, someone I love associates with knitters and even is one herself. I'm concerned. GD"

So you should be, sister.  So you should be!  I have fallen and I don't want to get up.  :)

I am in the middle of this scarf for my friend Paulette.  I knit, and knit and knit, but it isn't getting any wider.  

It has been this wide for the last two weeks, even though in the last week, I have knitted at least 8 star rows.  Everything I knit seems to go into the little roll of the startup rows, and when I lay it out flat, zip.  Nada.  They are gone, and it looks like I haven't knit at all.  Logic and yarn left on the ball, tell me I am making progress, but it sure isn't looking like it.  

I probably need at least another 8 rows to get the width I want.  Maybe 10 star rows.  No, 8 should do it. I don't want the hooded part to be tight on her head.  It should be graceful and drapey but not be a burden.  The lace edges will be ethereal but the body has to be warm.   

As slow as it feels like it is going, it has to be said.  I am having a wonderfully good time.  I love this star pattern. It isn't that dissimilar from the star pattern that I was playing with on that light lacy steel yarn scarf that I was obsessing over for a while.  I don't seem to have photos of it, but it was this pattern.  Its a really nice thing to work, rhythmic, melodic, and you get to purl back.  

Purling back sounds like it should be ok, but the truth is purling back is awful.  The rows are long and are taking forever and feel like penance.  You have to be pretty careful to get the last made of the 3 stitches knit first and it likes to hide under the yarn over stitch that is supposed to sit in the middle.  I would like to say I am getting better at it, but no.  Not really.  It still feels like I have been enjoying the star stitch too much and I have to pay the piper on the purl rows.

Still, this is a very very nice wool and I love the pattern and I am having a good time with it.  BFL 2/8, I love you much.  Thank you for getting me through the purl rows.

I am starting to focus on the next stitch in the trio of stitches.  It is the one that looks like a lotus flower (to me) and is the showiest of all the stitches.  Its where we switch to the multi coloured yarn and I am looking forward to that.  Knitting where the view is always to the next stitch, the next yarn, the next pattern.  I love it so.

So, sister dear, do not fear.  When you look at knitters, don't look at their hands weaving their webs of magic.  Look at their smiles, look at their shining eyes.  It might look like knitter's are sitting very still, with nothing much going on but how wrong first impressions can be.  A knitters journey is one that carries her through her soul and back again, all the while remembering that a little 'Bjork' along the way is a very good thing.


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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I know you love knitting and it makes you alive. Keep having fun with it. GD