Tuesday, 19 February 2013

And Back to Work We Go

I'd really rather be playing in the stash.  Just sayin'

I sort of wasted yesterday as far as stash digging is concerned.  I lost the will without Downton.  Obviously a 4th season of Downton Abbey is required to make an entire 3 day weekend stash dive possible.  

The upside to that is it left me with more knitting time.

I re-knit the pretty little start of the sweater and just kept going.  It will eventually have sleeves, but for now I will just keep knitting the bottom.  

I have a very definite inspiration for what I plan for this cute little sweater (I hope it will be a cute little sweater).  A very long time ago, the Yarn Harlot's friend, Ken, was knitting a sweater for a little girl.  At the bottom was a little stranded pattern of flowers.  Rather than doing a couple of different colours, he was using a multi-coloured yarn.  It was so very pretty and it has stayed in my mind. 

I've been planning for months just which of the pretty yarns I would use and I have been planning more specifically, for a summer sweater for Sweet Thing.  I had a couple of skeins of Kertzer On Your Toes sock yarn in white on hand  and I have a skein of Wendy Happy in pretty bright and soft pinks for the flowery bits.  I think I have settled on a pattern too.  It is in an older Ukrainian Knitting and crochet magazine that my dear daughter sent me long before she came to Canada.    I love the idea that this sweater has a little of the old world and a little of the new.  I will have plenty of yarn left over from both the white and the multi, so there may be a little something for under it too.  I'm thinking perhaps a pair of the "Blu" type pants or if there is enough, an overall.  I would have to use both skiens of yarn though and I haven't quite figured out how I would want to do that to make it look really good, but there is time.  

Still it is another new project but surely if I made it through half the blocking pile, I deserve the treat.  

More blocking for this evening, but I am into the more challenging shawls now.  One because of its size and two because of the complexity of the edging.  The size issue is going to get resolved first.  I'm pretty set on that.

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Sandra said...

I need a baby to knit for. Just to knit for - I don't actually need a baby...