Wednesday, 2 January 2013

And On We Go

My hands are tired.  It was time to come back and get a break from all the knitting. (hah)

I knit so much those last few days that they need the break I get while working!  My sweater is the leading cause of it.  Kureyon is a rather dense yarn.  Just like my old favourite Custom Woolen Mills Mulspinner 2 ply, Kureyon is mulespun, giving it a texture akin to handspun.  That slightly thick and thin, slightly dense yet lofty quality makes working with it a joy and a challenge.  You never doubt that you have a warm sweater underway with it.  You never question that what comes from this brilliantly coloured depths is going to keep you warm.

I did a fair bit of respite knitting on my newly restarted Bridgewater Shawl.  A whole, large center of a substantial square shawl could feel endless unless you are diligent, so I am diligently working at it, getting closer every time I sit with it, to that magical 200 number before I can start decreasing.  The thing about add one stitch per row center shawls, means the increase section is a 'see it soon enough, but the more you knit the faster it runs away' proposition.  The rows go slower the closer you get.  I expect it will take a good healthy week yet till I start the decreases.  I expect the decreases to feel fast.

And there is a sock accompanying me today.  I haven't carried socks for a while, and though my sock drawer is still in good shape, Mr. Needles is starting to look a little shabby.  He never had that many, and with the loss of his very first pair of socks (unrecoverable sole), he is a tad short of good socks.  There will have to be some serious attention given to his feet.

I also have 2 pairs I am working on for some of my kids.  A pair in black for Son1, who deserves a pair after bringing me such a lovely grandbaby, and his sweet wife, the pair that I began as she brought her daughter into the world, and a pair for Sweet Thing herself, who is growing like a weed.  She is 3 months old!  

The other thing about coming back after a break such as this, is that solstice is far behind.  The sky is in its high pink dudgeon, about to break free from its confines behind the horizon to burst the world into day.  I know it is winter and some might bemoan this but it brings the light earlier and earlier each day.  Winter just can't be all bad no matter how cold it gets when it does this job so well.

Anyway, I am back, the coffee is ready and it is time for me to start my day.


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