Monday, 31 December 2012

Late Breaking Update

While tossing through the WIP bin I came across the Pretty Thing I was working on before Christmas.  

It was supposed to be a gift, but I had some misgiving about the last part of the chart. It did not look like the first part of the chart so I assumed I had done it wrong.  I was going to rip back (again) and re-knit (again).  

I had coffee the other day with a friend and she laughing pulled out an absolutely gorgeous version of it.  Looked just like mine.  And since she wouldn't make foolish mistakes, I realized mine must be OK.

As I tidied up the bins, it came to hand and I looked into the bag.  I had one half a row and the bind off to do.  I smacked myself on the back of my head and did them.  Silly Me.  Giving up when I was almost done.  No more of that in 2013.

Its really quite fine, you know.  Quite fine. Fits me perfectly.  I couldn't have given it away under any circumstances!   I may have to go after some of the red cashmere my friend was telling me about.  

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