Thursday, 22 November 2012

Only Thursday

It feels like it should be Friday.  Inside my head it is Friday, my cars gas consumption says it is Friday, therefore it must be Friday.  Only its not.  This is a really really big shame.  (Now if I were an American, being Thursday would be great, but I am not and we already had Thanksgiving)

Once again, the only knitting in my day was in the early morning and the very last threads of the day.  This other stuff is clearly turning my schedule upside down.  It will be done soon and life should get back to its steady, boring, but for knitting pace.  Crazy, when there is so much I want to do.

Mostly I am knitting on the wee overall.  I'm close to starting the gusset that goes between the legs.  It is starting to look like a real pair of overalls.

But in those tiny moments between, I am starting stuff.  It's completely crazy, and it has got to stop, but I keep starting lacy things.  

I've restarted Bridgewater, the lovely Brooklyn Tweed Shawl designed for Classic Elite Yarns.  As some of you know, it starts with one stitch, increasing and knitting every row.  I think I have 11, or 15 stitches right now, so you know, it hasn't been that many minutes spent on it.  I don't have the burning ache for it before I got the yarn from wheatfran on Ravelry, because I know it will happen. Still, I started it because it is always on my mind. 

I also started this wrap.  I do not know why I started this wrap, but I did.  I think it was sitting to close to me.  Maybe it was just excessive exposure to the yarn, but I am fascinated by it.  I have it in what I call a burgundy, but according to the colour charts, isn't .  Colour 211.  It is stunning.  I think it will look absolutely gorgeous in this pattern with its understated but very sophisticated star design.  I am loving knitting it, even though I made a mistake on the very first pattern row, and have to start all over.  

I'm mulling beads.  If I put a bead on the knit just after the first yarn over in the cluster, it should sit about right.  I already have the beads.  Clear silver lined ones.  Just a touch more to really emphasize the twinkle of the steel.  

Do I sound obsessed?  I might be.  No, I totally am.  I don't know if it is the yarn or the pattern, or the combination.  

I have to get hold of myself though.  I'm a grandmother.  I ought to be a responsible adult.  sigh.  In front of the power of a really great yarn and a simple, delicate starry lace pattern and knitting, I am not.  

Marshmallow.  Just a marshmallow. 


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Sandra said...

when you figure out how to be a responsible adult, please share your secret. I'm still trying to figure that one out...