Monday, 26 November 2012

Hmm.  I meant to post about the thing I finished this weekend.   I have some really good photos and I had stuff to say about the pattern.  It was going to be a great post a post for the ages. (not really)  But I forgot my camera at home.  It is not good at all without the photos.  I'll probably forget what I was going to say by tomorrow.

So I will post this instead which I saw on tv this morning.

Which reminds me of my favourite Christmas video of all time,

It is that time of year.  

There are a couple of really great magasines out there masquerading as 'gift issues'  of our favourite magasines. My favourite?

It is the IK 2006 Gifts  issue.  It seems to be available as digital download and on a cd sale in a package with a lot of other gift issues at the Interweave store.  I love how a lot of the old magasines are being 'reprinted' as digital download issues.  Get your old favourites here!  And I do.  Well worth the bucks. The best issue ever.

I bought it because it has the prettiest knitted teddie bear in it that I have ever seen but there are at least 5 things in it I want to make.  Brioche gaiter, now called cowl?  In here.  Sweet little sweater and booties for Sweet Thing?  In here.  The lace that I currently obsess over?  In here.

Which is how I was reminded of it.  I don't have a good memory, I have a good remindery.

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