Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Good morning, Good morning

Its going to be a busy morning here so this has to be quick.

Right along with everything else I have been knitting, I have been doodling with yarns left lying about from various trips through the stash.  Some of them you have seen and some you have not.

I don't think I showed this one, most of us have seen this yarn out and about.  Patons Silk Bamboo.  It is a lovely thing, truly lovely with one great big negative.    It is so heavy!

I had two balls of this, bought long ago, just to try it out.  I bought this before I started knitting, I think, certainly before I started knitting lace, which is the only possible thing I would do with it because of its heaviness.  It would be perfect for a small shawl, such as 198 yds of Heaven.  

I was looking for a little something else.  Something even simpler to knit.  I have been looking through all my lace books the last while and it struck me how very pretty row on row of fagotting is.  Lacy without being lacy.  Drapey.  Very low demands on ones time or brain.  

So I started with an ssk variation of fagotting, and knit that till I knew what I was doing.  After a bit, I realized I did not want a whole long scarf of this.  Scarves at this weight of yarn are always too heavy at the back of the neck to wear as jewlery.  Aha.  The obvious solution was to narrow it up, a sort of seaman's scarf variation to fit tidily where fit is needed under a collar, and to frill out right where it needs to frill out, at the neck.

Here you go.  10 minutes here, 10 minutes there over about a week, knit with the stunningly pointy set of Monkey Puzzle needles I have (5 mm)  and here you have it.  

Flirty (OK that might be pushing it), flouffy, but not so lacy, girly that there are only certain places it can go.  Eminently wearable!

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Brendaknits said...

Lots of aliterations gong on there. A flirty, flouffy, fagotting scarf. How aobut Fun?