Friday, 31 August 2012

Thinking about it.

Last night, when I went to bed, having just bound off the bottom band, my head was filled with thoughts of the collar.  I knew from the get go, that I did not want the hood.  This is a sweater to wear while I work.  My desk isn't warm, but its not freakishly cold either.  The extra weight and layers that the very nice looking hood would provide day in and day out is just not something middle aged (or slightly older) me needed.  I have a t-shirt with a hood and I can't wear that on really warm days, so how on earth would I get by with this fabric with a hood.  

No, from the get go, mine was going to be the collar version the designer did.  Before bed, I was reading just how she went about knitting the collar.  Lisa Kay has very good notes about that.  

I must have been pondering all these layers as I slept.When I woke up this morning I was absolutely positive that I did not want long sleeves.  

Isn't that just a nice basic sweater shape?  Its real style comes from that substantial hood or collar and the wider than average ribs of the button band.  

Both sleeves are done.  So the main part of a sweater completed on the morning of the 7th day.  Not too shabby. 

Two row stripes make a fast knit.


Sandra said...

love it. that's the kind of sweater that gets worn day in and day out and always looks great. I think I need another one of those, and the two stripe, contiguous sleeve style is going to be how I do it. Thanks for the inspriation. Oh, and the alpaca you sent me? Knit up? beyond lovely - will post pictures soon...

Brendaknits said...

Ditto everything Sandra said. I am intereted in the plain yarn. The 100 mile yarn so to speak. I have been to the website for that yarn but never used it. Have you used it previously?