Monday, 2 January 2012

Yummy Christmas Yarns

I did get some yarn for Christmas.  Apparently if you don't tell them anything else, they give up and get yarn!

So here goes.

The top skeins are a personal favourite, Tove by Sandnesgarn The bottom are two large skeins of Noro Wadaiko.  Though he swears he did not plan it, I think the two different kinds of yarns could be used to make something funky and fun. The colours sure work.  That wonderful tropical turquoise with the bright multi coloured skein and that rich black brown coordinates wonderfully with the more  sophisticated brown,black, cream gray skein.  They are stunning and I love them.

Next up,  

Sulka.  Lovely, buttery, yummy Sulka, which is going to make a wonderful cowl.  I am pretty sure which one I will make, but you know how it is, till it goes on the needle, it is all fair game.

And last of all is a little bit of surprise.  My mom and dad gave me some money for Christmas.  Mum really shouldn't, but her biggest joy is giving something so we accept it.  I wanted something special from it, but then, as I was going through my winter knitting bag, I found a real treat.  An usused stash cash certificate from River City Yarns.  Combined I had enough for something really delicious.

The ladies at the store do it right.  They launched an exclusive line of yarns last year, starting with Epic, 2 simple colours of solid performance yarn.  This fall, they went just a little farther, to somewhere between heaven and hell (hell because I only have one right now and heaven...well you have to feel it to understand).  Eden is immoral and beyond delicious.  

I thought I would come home with Eden in this red that surely has come from an Angels hand but they were out.  So I had to search for something else. 

Yeah, it was hard (not really) but I came up with something I loved for a long time.   I wouldn't normally buy this kind of yarn.  It is a little rich for me (so is Eden, but I was helpless to resist Eden).  I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on it unless it was special money.  Just like this.  

So, mes amis,   I am now the very proud owner of 3 skeins of pure silk, Art Yarns red silk.  

I might not have made it to Eden, but surely this devilishly good stuff is a fair substitute.  I am in heaven over it.

And then because it's a long drive home and there is plenty of time for free thinking, I remembered this.  

I have a skein of Rumple, a silk boucle from Handmaiden that I wanted to make a scarf for my mom with, but she was vehemently not interested. The colours are a pretty fair match. Together or apart?  The Silk Collection at Chez Needles!   Hmm, I am going to have to think about this.   

There are special things on my horizon.  What a lovely way to start the year.


Sandra said...

Funny - my MIL every year says "you are so hard to buy for! I have no idea!" I say "get me yarn, or a GC for yarn". She never does. She always says "but you have so much!" Yes, and I'd always like more...

Brendaknits said...

The closest I ever got to yarn for a gfit was a gift certificate to the LYS. You have great gift buyers in yoru family.