Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Year End Wrap Up

This is a good day to sit here and lazily contemplate the year that was.

A lovely shawl for a wonderful friend who was born to wear this colour.
A tiny baby gansey for classes in winging it knitting.
Best bead storage ever.
Everytime I wear this someone comments on it.
The start of a really big blankie.
Learning to shop in Iceland while sitting at home.

A new favourite toe.
Sublime colours.  Fantastic yarn.
Joy in simple things
Knitting with delicious yarns.
Breathtaking lace.
Dreaming of spring.
Just fun.  So much fun.  
I'm particularly proud of this shaping.
A favourite heel.
Best Friends.
The wrong side?
Fun and funky but still very me.
Messing with 3 colours in simple knitting.
More Iceland.  For good yarn, it is well worth the trip.
A happy find.
Becoming something more.
Pretty little baby.
Cheery Cherry Cerisara
An elegant collar.

Stripes which I love.
Rich colours
My pride and joy.
A beautiful ball of yarn
Other things to keep me warm.
A much worn sweater
Memories of good times and wonderful friends.

I've had a marvelous year.  Some of the other highlights, OK, the biggest highlight was my daughter in law, 
who was in charge of fresh vereneki.  They were so good...
Probably the only shot of the finished November Sweater, worn very very casually.

And finally, from our bearded household (4 are real),
a wish for the very best in the New Years from my family to yours.

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