Wednesday, 16 November 2011


In the background of all this sweater knitting is a little something else.  

Damson is one of the little something elses.  

 I was really worried about it pooling but the double stranding is doing its job and it looks great.  The colours are so rich and intense.  I love the depth of the blacky blue and the power of the bluey black offset against that perfect white.  

Damson is the perfect shawl for strong colours like these.  Its simple offset of garter and stockinette
 bordered by the most basic of lace allows the colours to shine.  The offset of the two patterns gives it flare.  I've just got into the stockinette part as you can see. 

These background projects are never fast knits.  They are what is picked up when my hands tire of working on a heavier project.  And right now, that main knitting is getting heavy indeed. I am about halfway up to the underarms, and the length added on to the density of the fibre means it is getting heavier than I have been able to manage this week.  

Next week I have to do better to stay on schedule.  Somewhere between here and Christmas, there is going to have to be some fierce knitting.

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