Friday, 7 October 2011

A Penchant for Little Things

For anyone who has hung around this blog long enough, it will come as no surprise, that I have a penchant for small things.  I have a few books I have spoken of and many more that I haven't.  I am pretty sure I have shown a few pictures, though in my searching, I couldn't find a time when I did.
 I love little things.  I have them hiding in a box, because I have no where to put them.  While I would love to have a huge cabinet house,  in all my years of searching, I haven't found anything that would work at a price I was willing to pay.  But now I think I have.
A local raveler was looking to get rid of a small cabinet leftover from a bathroom renovation.  See that wee bottom shelf?  Garden.  Inside there is plenty of space for some wee rooms, a living room, a dining room, maybe a bedroom. Might be space for an attic too, if I had another shelf. It won't be huge and grand, but it will be a wee slice of miniature.  I just have to convince Mr. Needles to put some glass in the center of the door panels.

The cabinet inspired me and has had me thinking small lately . To that end, new knitting needles arrived yesterday.

Let's give it a little context.

The yarn in the picture is Misti Alpaca Laceweight.  The big needle is a 1.5 mm Addi Turbo. The middle needle is a .75mm needle or an 6/0 in US sizing and the wee one is a .5mm or 8/0 US.  I have not lost it completely, though.  As evidence, I submit that there are 3 sizes of needles available for order that are smaller. I'm not sure I could even see a .25 mm needle.

The two wee tiny needles are from Althea Crome, the hands behind the tiny sweater from the film Coraline.  Check out the things she has on her website,  Needles, patterns, and a gallery of itty bitty treasure.

I'm contemplating knitting wee soft treasures for in my rooms.  A wee kitchen has to have dishcloths and tablecloths.  A wee living room needs curtains and a blanket to cozy up under tossed across the sofa, a bedroom needs wee garments hanging at the ready and some socks under the bed.  And garden rooms need wee blooms and greenery and quite possibly cats and chickens too.

Right now, I have two sweaters for large men on the go.  I have another blanket on the go too.  All big stuff.     Contemplating itty bitty is the perfect antidote.

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Sandra said...

Had I known! I have needles that size - my husband made them for me out of some stainless steel stuff he had at work. I could have sent you some!
THey are wonderful for fine bead knitting, but I love your idea of a wee house - can't wait to see it.