Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Looking good.

There is always a place I get to when I am knitting a sweater, where I feel like my nine year old nephew riding on a roller coaster, in the dark, at Disneyworld, screaming "I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die' every time we were headed down.  (I was right there behind him.  I thought it sweet of him to say exactly what I was thinking.  It was in the dark.  Big D dark.)

I get that same gaping hole in the pit of the stomach feeling just before it is time to try a sweater on.  What if the fabric looks like trash when it's on him?  What if the yarn won't hold together?  What if I discover an error in the pattern an inch from the bottom? What if it doesn't fit?  

This year the answer  is I would have spent an entire month of my life knitting... badly, that's what.  It would put a real kink in the 3 sweaters before Christmas plan this year.

It's fine.
Math strikes again.  And wins.  Funny that.

If it looks like Mr. Needles is standing there a little stiffly, it is because he is gripping the sweater with his armpits to hold it up and is saying testily 'what's the camera for?

He gets the blog part, but the need for a headless shot of a sweater during a fitting is beyond him. He'd rather have this kind of photo.

So I'll give him one.  After all, he did hold the sweater up rather nicely.

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