Saturday, 15 October 2011

I fell asleep last night to the sounds of "Serenity'" playing on the DVD player and promptly fell into dreams of Victorian Lace.  I have no idea how or why that happened, but I thought the juxtaposition was interesting.  Perhaps it is the two sides of me, the lace loving wishing I would grow up and be a lady one day side and the adventure story loving hope I never have to grow up me.

With morning, an early morning, came a powerful need to continue.  I turned the movie back on and languished in bed watching it and reading Victorian Lace Today.  It was my first lace book bought when I barely understood what knitting was, what its mysteries were, what the different decreases could do and how, goodness me, yarn overs could possibly figure into it all.  It was always where I dreamed my knitting journey could take me.  After re-reading that lace masterwork, its not a wonder that I have accidentally accumulated so much lace yarn.  Its early influence has prepared my stash well.  

Still, it is time to leave the dreams aside for a bit and face the work of the day.  My house is surprisingly tidy. Even the kitchen is clean - by my standards - and yesterdays work work is more or less done.  

I slayed the demon that was slowing my progress in upgrading (just a matter of terms that relate to absolutely nothing else in the program) and am now 1 module away from completion.  Of step one.  (There are many steps yet to do).  It would have been grand to get that last module finished but 4:30 is a good quitting time for work on a Friday afternoon.

In knitting, I would have had the front of the sweater done but I realized part way through knitting it, that I was doing it all wrong.  My intention was to knit this one the EZ way, her hybrid or saddle shoulder.  The sleeves need to be ready t attach once you get to the underarm of the body part.  So I ripped and am working on sleeve one.  After the long round of the body, the sleeve is clipping along quite nicely.

Because there is nothing demanding my attention but for a leisurely drive to the farm later today, I anticipate that the second sleeve will be begun, and maybe by the time this weekend is done there will be progress on the yoke of this sweater.  That is when the fun begins and I get to follow Elizabeth and her innovations. What suits me most is the intensely practical, prosaic Elizabeth and well thought out common sense leading to great beauty and inspiration.

The work of the day is sleeves, and "Sense and Sensibility"is on TV.  Common sense and a little dreaming.  That just seems right somehow.

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