Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Compendium

I finished up the bit of knitting on the pretty green Watershed.  It will block today.  Several things will get blocking today.  OK, a lot of things will block today.
There is a significant amount of knitting getting completed here at Chez Needles these last few weeks.  Added to the things I finished earlier this summer, the blocking pile is a big pile.  With the arrival of sweater weather, it needs to get done.  I will block what I have room for and then finish tomorrow.

I also hope to put the zipper in Mr. Needles vest.  

And then I need to decide what to knit next for Mr. Needles.  I think I know what I am going to do, but I have not decided which yarn to use.  I have a navy Cascade 220 , one of my favourite yarns.  I have some good heathered denim Briggs and Little and then there is some rich green Mission Falls 1824. Since there will be no more Mission Falls, that is the one I am least likely to use at this time.  I want to knit just a plain, saddle shoulder sweater, the perfect plain simple garment that all men would wear.  Just typing it out helps.  I think I'm going with the Briggs and Little.  I haven't used any yet and a simple sweater will be a great way to get acquainted.  

I already cast on an Ecuador, sweater for myself.  If you click the link you can see another of designer Jojo Locatelli's designs, Pole.  Pole is the heavier weight first version of this style.  In Ecuador, it gets to its fullest, finest version of itself.  The heavy collar is gone replaced by an open free and floaty neckline. 

Oh and did I mention I finished a pair of socks yesterday?  Its hardly fair, but there was just an inch and some ribbing to go.  I started up another pair of those too.  Well two really, though I do have to rip one back to the toe.

It wasn't a big day of knitting.  It was just that the knitting was bits and pieces.  Good bits and pieces, though.  Really good.

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