Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I did the socks,
then took the sweater out to play

(If you are like me, you can hear the music and know that these lines fit the tune)

And that what I did.  I finished up a most pleasing pair of socks. 

Garter stitch toe.  Just a little thing I am trying out for Mr. Needles feet (it sure works on mine).

Garter stitch short row heel.  Mr. Needles seems to prefer this heel.

And trying something just a little different, a garter rib calf.  There is just enough to keep my mind occupied and yet, is completely simple.  
It was the perfect get away from all my other knitting.

As soon as the last bit of work was done on the socks, I picked up the grey Folklore sweater, and ripped back a sleeve.  Sigh.  I really hoped I wouldn't have to but no way was it going to block enough to look nice.  So sleeve knitting recommenced and is well under way.  

Sleeve knitting on bigger needles than I used for the body of the sweater is already working.  The 4 inches already reknit is already showing the perfect width.

Note to self:  no matter how good it looks, sleeves must be done on one size or two sizes bigger needles, no matter that the sweaters are knit in the round. Whenever I knit sleeves on the same size needles, they are always more compact than the gauge on the body.  Must have something to do with all the small diameter socks. 

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