Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Substantially complete

I used to have a job in the construction industry.  I dealt with the admin work, contracts, paperwork, stuff like that. There was a term used when the job was done, but there were a few little details to clear up.  They called that point in the project substantial completion.

I use it in knitting all the time.   
See?  Substantially complete.  And looking good, I might add.

Just a few details on the front need to be done, such as a band that needs steeking.  
Steeking stitches.  4  rows.  Very well sewn rows.

In the space between the photo and the words below it, I teetered on being so happy to be this far along and realizing I was a complete nincompoop.  Milliseconds, like riding the ferris wheel at the fairground. Right at the point where you are at the top and before you start coming down the front of the wheel.  Yup.  That is what few moments of glory were like.  Just like on a ferris wheel, my heart had its turn to go down.

I need to reknit the collar so it matches the bottom ribbing perfectly and I need to fix a small screw up in the first pattern repeat. Bugger.

It's going to be a problem getting the steeking sewing out.  I used a stitch on my machine that is designed for stretch sewing.  It does 2 stitches forward, one stitch back on the smallest of angles.  Its the perfect thing for securing those steeking stitches.  Or it would be if I did not need to take it out.

I really should have had some coffee before doing anything that required thinking.  I feel some sock knitting coming on.

Substantially complete.  Or not. 

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