Friday, 5 August 2011

Knit One Knit All

I have been waiting for this book from the moment that I heard it was a possibility and the good people at Schoolhouse Press have not disappointed.

What a treasure trove.  

I admit it is the sweaters that draw me in.  

I love these Bavarian Sweaters.  

I would show a few more of the ones I love, but the rest of the photos loaded sideways and there were too many of them anyways.  Suffice it to say I could cast on for the Mitered Cardigan right now.  The Icelandic Overblouse is no slouch either and the Suspender Sweater has the most interesting shoulder shaping...

This really gets in the way of my plans, yanno.  But I like it.  A lot.

And the book rates a absolute must have.  You simply must.


Gail D said...

Can't wait to see Mr. & Mrs. Needles in matching sweaters. ;)

Christine said...

In their hot tub, toasting us at Christmas! (I loved that photo)