Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blog forgotten

but only for a moment.

I had been planning on writing a wind up post for the lovely Folklore cardigan, a nice post about putting the remainders of the yarn away and my plans for said remainder yarn.  I made the yarn look nice and tidy and took photos and tucked it away, and sat down a promptly forgot to write about it.  

I sat down and started another sweater instead.  I had been thinking about it all day.  The yarn was sitting on my desk.  It is a rich deep red-violet, right out of the crayon box.  Perfect for fall and the warm colours of the approaching season.  The gauge swatch was swatched.  Needles chosen.  Starting was only awaiting finishing of the previous.

The new knit is Cerisara by Chic Knits.   It is...umm...well addictive.  Really the perfect thing for a waning summers day.  Its a DK weight yarn so it's not too heavy.  Its an innovative seamless knit with a modern shape that is styled like like an empire waist, but isn't.  (Emprie + short + large + hippy = very, very bad.).  Its top is this neat little lace stitch, only 6 stitches wide, shifting 3 stitches over  and back.  Easy.  Simple. Addictive.  The bottom of the sweater is just plain reverse stockinette...

Whoa.  I didn't notice that part when I was choosing the pattern.  I noticed it after I bought the pattern though. I think I already have a plan for making it the perfect 'I don't have to think hard but I am going to have a lot of fun' sweater.  

I could talk more about how much fun I am having...but I have to go knit.   

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Brendaknits said...

I purchased that pattern when it first came out but is is w-a-y down in my queue. what yarn are you using?