Friday, 8 July 2011

If I had today

If I had today to just sit and knit,  I'd finish the Shetland shawl.  I've turned the last corner and am about 1/3 done the fourth side.  If the week just had one more day I'd be done this week.

I have been avoiding shaking it out and looking at it.  Part of me want to see it now.  But part of me thinks it's like Christmas.  The presents are always better if you don't sneak a peek.  I want to wait to see it when it is done and those last few stitches are off the needle.  I want to look at the size of it unencumbered by the tools with which it was made.  I want to look at it once the graft where beginning and end meet are complete.  I want to see it for the first time, in all its glory, when it is free.  

Its not going to happen today.  Its not going to happen this weekend.  It will have to wait for next week, but come Monday...I can hardly wait.

1 comment:

Sandra said...

when you figure out how to add the extra day, I'd like to join...