Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Travel tales

Yesterday, one of my knitting group members returned after a back to basics trip to Estonia. Her tales of the trip were fantastic. What an experience my friend had. I could have listened for hours.    

Needless to say, not a lot of knitting was done.  I made errors on the band of Aethercopter.  

It's a simple band that tops off the bud lace body of this flowing shawl. The self finishing band, with its decreases at each edge and increases at the sides of the two center stitches, has a distinct curve to it.  That curve provides the drape and flow.  You can see the clearly defined spine in the picture.  Should be easy, but I tried it twice and came up with the same silly error each time.  Obviously, memory failed me.  I went to get the pattern, and oops.  The e-reader was not in the bag.  No pattern.  Out came the pink laceweight Icarus, which looks as it did the last time its picture was taken, just a few rows larger. Always carry 2 projects.

When I got home, my mind remained on the travel stories and it seemed only right to pick up the Shetland Shawl with its traditional feel.  Stories of traditional knitting inspired me. Back to a small chart and borders while dinner cooked.  There was a problem on the last corners turn but once that was corrected, smooth sailing.  So smooth and rhythmic, that almost a quarter of the side was done.  Hmmm... A quick glance at the clock and a dash to take dinner of the BBQ.  Almost to the point of no return, but not quite!  
Anyway, back tot the garden in the cool of the morning and then perhaps, this afternoon, I will play with a new toy.  Not a knitting toy! More tomorrow.

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