Thursday, 9 June 2011

Knitting for the wrong season

I know I have said it before.  I ought to be knitting for summer in January and winter in June.  That way, the things I start will be ready to wear when the season arrives.  

Instead of thinking about those light, cool to the skin yarns, I really ought to be thinking of warmer things.  Things like this

From left to right, top row and clockwise, Harrisville Flax and Wool, Cascade Eco +, Noro Silver Thaw, Cascade Eco, Needful Yarns London Tweed, and several colours of Briggs and Little Regal.  These are yarns that I like to think of as substantial sweater yarns.  They are not all heavy weight, in fact most of them don't go outside the 4 or medium weight category, but they all will make substantial warm sweaters.  

I have many more options.  Plotulopi, Royal Tweed, Mission Falls, Prairie Wool,   RCY Aran,  Berroco Remix, Ultra  Alpaca.  These are just the yarns I can see as I sit here at my desk.  I am blessed with a very lovely stash.  A lovely, lovely stash.  

It might be a while till one of these gorgeous things jumps up and demands to be knit first, though now that I think of it, there are the occasional whispers that are heard outside the closet.  

Though my 'what to knit next' dreams are all warmer weather wear, I know all too well, that much of Canada is a place where sweater weather is only as far away as sunset.   Wool.  Keep it close at hand.


Brendaknits said...

Speaking of winter yarns, yesterday at the store, we got a 'bale' of B&L Soft Spun that is Hand Painted by Fleece Artist. What a great partnership!

Sandra said...

I'm in the finishing stages of a wooly warm cardigan. Just in time... THen I'll start Featherweight, which should finish up by fall...
My timing bites...

And Brenda's comment above? Got to check this out!!

Christine said...

You don't happen to have a sweater's worth of B&L Regal in Quoddy blue in that stash for me to covet, do you?