Monday, 9 May 2011

Road Trip!

I'm heading on a bit of a road trip today.  I'm heading out to visit my mom and dad.  Mr. Needles is staying home, so I can pack my car with all sorts of good things to take along.  

I'm going to take along some reading material. The Margaret Stove Lace Book and Estonian Lace are tagging along, as is the Book of Wool, Knitting Plus and some Noraha Gaughan and Elsebeth Lavold books.  I'm generally trying to sort out what I am going to knit after I finish this shawl.  I know I want to knit a sweater, but seriously, one ought to knit in summer for winter and in winter for summer, since it always seems that we finish up sweaters just as the season changes and the garment is no longer suitable for the weather.  The lace books are just for fun.  Maybe, just maybe someone will really like something and then I can be sneaky and knit it for them.  

 I'm also taking along some new small shawls for my travel knitting.  The rich rusty cashmere is coming and so is the green yarn.  
The rust is for a Victorian Shoulderette, and the green will be an Ishbel.  (The Ishbel has a story behind it which I will save for another day)

It is my Monday morning spinning session with a friend, and I won't be coming home after that, so I guess my spinning wheel will be with me.  I don't know if it will get any use, I worry about weirding people out, but I am going to be sure I have ample fibre along with me just in case.  

I am taking along my needle portfolio. There is sure to be time when I can sneak out to the Prairie Lily , my home away from home LYS.  They might have something that just demands to be knit.  You never know.  One cannot be too prepared.  Going for s couple of days, prepared for several months is my motto.

What isn't coming with me is the Shetland Shawl.  A few days away from it will be good for my soul.  When I come back, it will be time to start working outside in earnest.  The Shetland edging is going to be just the right sort of edging for finishing in the evenings after a good long day outside.


Sandra said...

I always overpack knitting for trips. Always. A weekend to the cottage means a couple pairs of socks, and at least one sweater and some lace, just in case. I see nothing wrong with this way of thinking.

Brendaknits said...

Your road trip reading material sounds wonderful Wish I lived closer - I'd borrow.