Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Moving on

I realized something yesterday.  I realized that I hate binding off. There is something about the physical, technical actions of it that irritates me.    

But there is also a kind of regret that comes when you have to say goodbye to a nice yarn and the feel of it flowing through your fingers.  There is joy that you have a finished object, but mixed in with that dance is the smallest bit of sorrow.

There is also the possibility that I made all those silly mistakes while knitting Ishbel and reading her charts, to avoid finishing.  Because I know how I feel when finishing.

I swatched a few things and pondered what is next, but didn't really find anything I felt the urge to keep on working with.  I stared a little at parts of the stash but could not find an project and yarn that that spoke to me.

So today, I will sluggishly block Ishbel, and I will sort out what is next.  I will work on the Shetland shawl and its1600 rows of knitted edging (200 stitches per side x 4 sides x 1 row attached and one row unattached = 1600 stitches and I am rounding down.  There are more than 200 stitches per side.) I have plenty to keep me busy.

There is also a pair of socks waiting to knit.  Mays socks are sitting there, quietly.  Might do some work on socks today too.  Plenty to do.

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Brendaknits said...

My memory is poor. Did you finish hubby's vest?