Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Mr. Needles was golfing in Palm Springs this last week.  I teased him about finding the yarn shop and bringing me something nice. He done good.  

Isn't it nice? 5 skeins of softly spun wool and soy from Jarbo Garn called NR. 1.  NR. 1 is a pretty plain name for a special yarn.  Fingers sink into its thick and thin depths and might become lost and never come out again.  Softly flowing natural colours, warm, rich, deep colours of sheep, even if it might be dyed, still sheepy colours.
I don't have a lot of bulky yarns and I don't often set out looking for a pattern to make out of them.  This whole thing is going to be a real adventure!

To Mr. Needles buddy, the driver, I owe a special debt of gratitude. Indeed I owe it to all of the golfing crew.  His golf buddies all piled into one vehicle with all the equipment, to free up a vehicle so he could venture out to find it.  Much appreciated.

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jill said...

How lucky are you, this is lovely wool. Please tell me how to do the heels in socks or I will end up making leg or arm warmers!