Wednesday, 16 March 2011

"Wisdom begins in wonder."  Socrates
This is the quote at the bottom of my page this morning.  This one is short, ancient and yet it holds truth, which is how and why we still know Socrates today.  Still relevant.  

Its hard not to find wonder in the earth.  And it is even harder not to wonder at the many ways we have screwed and will continue to screw it up.  

That includes knitting.  Some time ago, I started playing with the Icarus shawl.  And then I played again.  

This is the first one I cast on, in some very fine merino lace in the softest cotton candy pink colour. This shawl is being worked in stockinette as per the pattern and I plan to bead that wonderful lacy edging.   

The second done in a vibrant Zauberball Lace ball.  This second one I am knitting in garter stitch, no beads.

These shawls, which I hope to work as a pair worked in tandem, were halted for one reason and one reason only.  The Zauberball shawl had an error in it about 8 rows below the working row.  

I thought about trying to fix the error, but decided to just bite the bullet and pull it back.  There are times when that is the easier thing.      I did that on Monday and have been happily knitting on it since then.  

Well, in between the blanket of course.  Todays knitting is going to be on the pink version of Icarus.  We'll see if I can knit this dainty lace at knitting tonight.  Lace and Knitting group don't usually go together, but I'll succumb to the wonder of the lace, and see if I can avoid screwing it up.   

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