Monday, 21 March 2011

Roots and growing things

A lot of my online buddies enjoy linking to their favourite music and so do I.  Last night, I happened on an Ian Tyson musical biography on Bravo.  Now that was a true musical memory.

and what is probably my all time favourite Tyson Song  - its tough to pick just one -  performed  by Susy Boguss.

We went for a drive up to the farm.  Its covered in snow and barely recognizable as ours, but it was time to visit it again.  It is going to take a powerful sun to melt it all.  

We also wanted to check out the roads.  Its a great time of year to see what is kept open and kept clear and it says something about just how much and how unusual the snow pack we had this winter is.  

The piles at the roadside were as high as the truck roof.  I'd be disappointed except that means more water for us come spring and water is just something you never ever take for granted here on the prairies.

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