Thursday, 24 March 2011

Continued from yesterday

I might not be knitting the cookie jar yarns or casting on with that pretty blue, but it sure isn't for want of it.  Oh my how I want to.  
But, I am determined to reform my cast everything on right now sort of ways that led to the long list of works in progress I am working on. 

The blanket first.  The blanket must be finished before I allow myself to knit something new.  It isn't part of the list of WIP's from last year, but it was in the current knitting pile (current at the beginning of the year) and I can't wait to get it done and out to its rightful owner.  I think he is going to like it.   

That blanket, that beastie (It's getting large.  Passed into beast category last night.) is the only knitting I don't have to think about right now.  Everything, every single one of the projects left in the WIP bin, including the current socks has counting. Counting, counting, counting.  The blanket is relief.  Knitting it is easy.  

Except it isn't.  Its a fairly small needle for the size of yarn, a 4.5 mm needle on a chunky lofty Comfy Chunky from Berroco.  I was looking for a firm knit and that firm lofty crisp garter stitch I was looking for is there in spades.  The small needle to yarn ratio has a price.  

Last night was knit night and I could not keep knitting the whole night. After 6 - 8 garter stitch ridges, my hands give out.  I could knit more, but if I did I might injure myself and end up not knitting at all for a long time.  No matter how much I like the project and no matter how much faster I want it to go, I am not willing to hurt on its behalf.  

In the meantime, the two pretty Icarii are working up nicely, keeping pace with each other.  

One other thing of note:  Last evening, on the way home, I passed a sanding truck.  The highways were clear and dry.  It was windy, but it wasn't a cold wind.  It was a nice spring-like wind, a little warm, a little not.  A mile later, I understood.  It got icy, and driving got downright miserable.  By the time I got home, I was looking at several inches of heavy wet snow.  Mr. Needles figured about 4 inches.  

Ah,  springtime in Canada.     


Sandra said...

yup. I had to shovel twice yesterday. At least the snowbanks had melted away and I didn't have to lift the snow up 4 feet...
Spring, my butt...

Brenda said...

Icarii! Another Latin lover.