Sunday, 6 February 2011

Weekend knitting

I love the weekends for how much knitting I can get done and how little anyone expects me to do besides knitting! 

I started the day at 1 repeat and 1 row done.  At the end of the day I am half done the last of my planned 3 repeats before it simple crocheted edging. 

Planned for is the operative phrase.  Now that I have some of the lace knit, I know that 3 is not enough.  This is a rather compact lace.  Though it is a goodly number of rows, it isn't a holey lace.  It isn't something will open significantly on blocking.  3 repeats are out of scale.  I am going to aim for 5 repeats, and may have to go to 7 repeats to get the right scale, the right proportion that this project seems to be demanding.  

Luckily I have a lot of the plum lace and I have an optional black yarn that could be used for the bind off, should there not be enough of the reserved Zauberball black.  

This is such an interesting adventure.   I'm just knitting and letting it happen.  There just a vague notion of where it is going.  I only know that the project and I walk side by side for a time and we will get to wherever we are going together.  

Getting there is going to take some time though.  Each repeat of the lace  adds 1 triangle section plus one stitch to each side of the shawl, plus two triangles at the centre.  Each section is 18 stitches so 18 x ... it doesn't bear thinking about.

I think it is safer to ponder it its rich delights.  

The lace is delightfully simple and hypnotic.  And purple.  Very very purple.

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Brenda said...

Very purple and very pretty.