Monday, 14 February 2011

Other things

Since finishing the shawl, I've moved along to things.  I am amazed, shocked, even, that they are not new things, that they are things already on the needles, even though I gave myself permission to start something completely new.   It seems I like my stash and I really like the things I put on the needles around the holidays.

I have been working on the Seaglass vest 
in that rich warm lichen green from Cascade 220 (it could be Yakima Heather instead of lichen)  It looked like this a few weeks ago and

 it looks exactly the same now, just  a little longer. 

The pattern is from the Summer 2010 issue of Knitter's magazine.  I have not knit from Knitters much, and though there is every possibility that the problems I am having with the pattern are because I am knitting fronts and backs together, rather than flat as they do, but this is a pretty awkwardly written pattern.  

Or it could be that I have had to do a little bit of gozinta-ing to the bottom so that it sits nicely on me when done. 

Or it could be that it needed to be a lot longer...
Or it could be that I am just not that great at reading patterns...

But man, this is an awkwardly written pattern.   Awkward, not bad. Just something awkward about it.

Still, I am getting there.  It is looking like it should.  I think.  I'm just at the point where I have to do the underarm decreases, at the same time as I am decreasing and moving the pattern along at the neckline. (Makes no sense, but you will see what I mean when it is done)  I ought to have more to show you on Wednesday.  I'm kind of hoping to be done by Wednesday.

Might be overly optimistic.


Brenda said...

I love the vest. Too bad the patterns is awkwardly written. I find that so many of them are. The Chimera mittens I just made was like that. Love the shawl too. How's your husband's vest?

Sandra said...

I can't do Knitters anymore. I find most of the patterns are awkward, but mostly, I just don't like many of the patterns anymore. But I adore that lichen colour.