Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A sock project

Last year I only knit 6 complete pairs of socks.  This isn't enough.  I'm going through my sock drawer faster than that.  

Since I really do like socks and since I do have a fantastic sock stash and an ongoing need for socks, I have decided to commit to one pair a month this year.  Surely somewhere in the week, I can find time to knit a half a sock.  Just good plain socks.  

If I am going to do this, and stick to it, getting the yarn out and keeping it close to hand and in view seems like a good idea.  
These are the winners.  A little something of everything.  Hand dyes, stripes, faux isle, solids, cottons, wools.  And no particular order to knit them in.  There are even a couple of extras so that no matter when it is I have a choice of what to knit.  There are 14 in total.   (One of the extras isn't in the picture.  It fell off the display, but it is there in spirit.)  

So having knit enough for a while on the Shetland shawl, I began a January sock.  As I knit, it became clear why this yarn was my choice.  

 It  reminds me of winter, all icy blues and bits of pinks. Cool colours made all the more so sitting beside the crisp white. The icy yarn is a single 50 gram skein of Jawoll Color.  Not enough for a full pair of plain socks, but perfectly fine for a pair of tennis socks if I add another colour for toes heel and some ribbing along the top.  

The white is a skein of ...something.  I have used this for bits of at least one other pair of socks and there will be some left for sock bits for a few more. The all purpose heels and toes skein.  (edited to add :  Ah there it is Trekking!)

I was having a lot of fun knitting this simple sock.  A lot of fun.  

A lot of fun!  One down and a little bit of sock two. 

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Anonymous said...

Fewer socks because you were trying so many other interesting things. GD