Monday, 17 January 2011

Knit Knit

Much knitting happened this weekend.  Unfortunately, all the knitting looks exactly like the knitting I did last week.  

I thought I was done the centre of the shawl.  But it seems that I am not.  I pinned it out as if to block it and found I will be better off knitting exactly to pattern.  I still had 2 more repeats to do.  I am almost done now, in fact, I have about another hour of knitting to go, and then will be ready to pick up the border.  It will be done just like the pattern says!

How is it that I am able to knit a shawl pattern exactly as it says but socks and everything else, I just get overwhelmed by words and numbers? 'Tis a mystery for another day.

Still, interesting stuff happens around here besides knitting.  OK that may be overstating the case.  Stuff happens around here besides knitting.  :)

It is winter so most of it involves snow!  A lot of snow.  

Mr Needles took this photo in the middle of December. We had already had several good snows.  

 You can tell this is not the snow pack of deep winter though. As winter wears on, the plant remains usually disappear among its weight.  But it was already a goodly amount of snow. Note the bottom fence rail. 

The interesting thing about it, is how it stacked up on everything and just stayed.  No wind made it into the yard to blow it away from where it landed.  Its only rebellion was to drape off the fence rails as if it were a lacy shawl tossed carelessly, landing willy nilly in my backyard. 

This was yesterday.  A quick glance and you might not see it, but we have had a healthy foot of snow in the last two weeks.  Oh my we have had snow, soft deep piles of flakes of very, very dry snow, still clinging most dramatically along the rails.  

The winter diva who tossed that shawl is not done with us yet. 

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