Thursday, 7 October 2010

Looking for Baby things

One of the boys long time friends had a bouncing baby boy a few weeks ago, and I would love to knit them something.  The mum, who comes from Thailand, really admires handmade things.

I have only knit the Baby Surprise Jacket and done a few blankets, and I would like to knit a little something different.  

I'm thinking of this one.  It is a nice little Baby Kimono, an easy to alter pattern, according to the reviews.  I am going to use some of the Cucciolo I have on hand in a clear turquoise and cream colours.  

Ease in altering is a good thing.  This yarn is much heavier than what the pattern asks for.  Sort of like winging it with a good map.  Ought to be just right.

**Fooled me again.  At the bottom of the pattern is a link to a version for heavier yarn.  Might be able to just get set up and knit! 

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